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Precise Targeting

Reach your exact target audience with MyFyx's fine grained advertisement scoping. You only pay to display ads to the users in the markets that you care about, down to a specific age group or ZIP code. Want to reach users across the US? We make that easy too.

Transparent Platform

We'll show you exactly what it'll cost to place an ad in your desired market. There are no complex placement algorithms measuring your ad's performance against someone else's. It's simple and fair: we bill on impressions, so if you're the highest bid, your ad shows up.

Powerful Metrics

We provide you with a set of powerful metrics and tools that will maximize your advertising efficiency. See how your ads are being received and how often they are being clicked. View the current state of your target market to know the best time to scale up your campaign.

All we require to get started is a valid credit card. We won't charge you until you've reached users with our advertising platform. There are no hidden fees, just the cost of the ad itself which you control.
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