Do I still own my music?

Yes - definitely. You’re just giving us permission to let other people discover, stream and download your music for free - and you can remove your work at any time.

Does MyFyx allow me to distribute or sell my music on other sites?

Yes, it’s yours. ☺

How do you send out payments?

We use PayPal.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Don't fret - if you don't have a PayPal account set up & we try & send out a payment, PayPal will email instructions on how to set one up.

How do you determine who gets what?

We tally up all the downloads (‘Credits’) for each Reward Period, and track your account’s specific Credits earned during that period; then we determine your percentage of the total. So for instance if you get 10,000 downloads and there were 100,000 total, you would get 10% of the dollar amount that’s been set aside (see below).

Do Credits continue to be counted on a running total?

Credits are reset to zero every Reward Period. We do, however, keep a running total for you so that you can track how you're doing.

How often does the reward base get reset?

It gets reset monthly. The more the company grows over time, the greater the opportunity to pay out more.

If I remove my song, do I get to keep the credits?

If you remove a song, the Credits are deleted.

How much Ad revenue do you set aside to pay artists?


Can’t you do better than this?

Unfortunately, no. We do have business considerations and we need to try and make a go of it. What we’re offering here is a free resource for artists looking to broaden their exposure (a distribution network with no fees & no commitment) and a model where there's an opportunity to earn payment by giving downloads to fans for free.

Does this money really go back to artists?

Yes - for sure. As long as there's sufficient take-up and we're able to generate enough ad revenue, artists can get paid - so tell your friends to join!

Please note: there’s a minimum payment of $1.00 for any Reward Period, however everything under $1.00 goes back to the artists above the $1.00 threshold.

How exactly can I find an audience for my music?

Members fill out a profile and select the musical styles and artists that interest them. You select the style or styles of music that you’re uploading. Fans can then find and discover you and your music.


What kind of artists can I expect to see?

New artists.

Our platform is for new music that you probably haven’t heard before. In our view, this is the most exciting music out there, and we want MyFyx to be the place to come to find it.

Why should I fill out my musical interests on my profile set up?

If you do, we can match you with free music you might like, and you can find friends who like the same music that you do. You can change your interests at any time or hide them, however if you just take a few minutes and complete a good profile, it’ll be worth it!


Target your market. You'll be able to place ads that reach specific demographic groups based on age range, gender & location. Our location-specific advertising program will allow for a range of marketplace options: from national, to statewide, to citywide, all the way DOWN TO ZIP CODE.

No minimum spend required. You can test the waters all you like. You can submit bids below market to get a feel, and get in the game whenever you think it makes sense. The spirit of "it’s yours" applies to everyone: artists, fans, businesses.

Service & metrics. We offer a simple bidding process, options to manage budgets, click-through success metrics and transparency around market bids for your segment.

All you need to do is register an account and have a credit card. Click here to learn more and sign up.

We WANT small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to participate. So long as your ad is appropriate and doesn’t promote anything illicit, you’re free to advertise. Whether you're an artist promoting a show, a blogger seeking more readers, a business promoting something special, a local store looking to hire - all are welcome.

Cost Per Mille (CPM) refers to the cost you are prepared to pay per 1,000 impressions. An impression is basically when someone accesses a web page that has your ad on it – in essence, it’s cost per page view.

What we’ve done is create a platform for CPM where the highest bid wins - and we show you what the highest bid is in every market. If there's more than one top bid, all being equal, then it's first in first out. There are no complex placement algorithms measuring your ad's performance against someone else's. You'll know what it costs to place an ad & if you go higher than the top bid you'll get placed. And since there are no minimums, you'll only pay what the market will bear.

Our value proposition is that we offer a fair, transparent market, where you can find a target audience and get your message out there within a budget. We also provide you with metrics to show you how your ad is performing in terms of clicks.